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Menus last updated 22 April 2022
Main Menu
Cheesy Garlic Bread£6.00
Accompanied by a crisp salad
Allergens * : glutenmilkwheat flour
Soup of the Day£5.00
Accompanied by a crusty warm bread
Gluten Free
Allergens * : glutensalt
Garlic Mushrooms£7.00
Dipped in batter then coated in bread crumbs. Serverd with a garlic dip and crisp salad garnish
Allergens * : glutenwheat flour
Prawn cocktail£8.00
Prawn cocktail served with gluten free rose marie sauce and gluten free bread
Gluten Free
Spicy chicken bites £7.00
Spicy chicken bites served with a chilli jam and side salad
Allergens * : gluten
Rump steak stir fry in hon sin sauce£17.00
Rump steak .Onions peppers. Mushroom tossed in a choice of sauce. Served with rice & hand cut chips crisp salad
Allergens * : glutennutssoyawheat flour
beef chilli noodles £17.00
served with chips
Allergens * : glutenmustard
chicken in pepper corn sauce £16.00
chicken in a pepper corn sauce resting on saut'e potatoes black pudding .served with green beans wrapped in parma ham
Allergens * : glutenwheat flour
On the Grill
8 oz Gammon Steak£14.00
Served with chips,salad & garden peas & a choice of egg or pineapple
Gluten Free
Pub Favourites
Authentic Home-Cooked Curry of the Day£14.00
Served with rice & a crisp salad
Add small chips
Allergens * : glutenmustardsaltwheat flour
Chicken stir fry in Black Bean Sauce£17.00
Served with a crisp salad & chips and rice
Allergens * : glutensoyawheat flour
CHEESE & broccoli bake£13.00
Served with chips & a crisp salad
Allergens * : cerealglutenmilkmustardnuts
Breaded Scampi£15.00
Served with chips , tartar sauce, garden peas and a crisp salad
Allergens * : fishglutenwheat flour
Cumberland Sausage£14.00
Served with buttered mash & seasonal vegetables
Allergens * : eggsglutenmilkwheat flour
Lasagne Magnifico£15.00
Authentic Béchamel & rich tomato sauce, served with garlic bread & a crisp salad
Allergens * : celerycerealeggsglutenmilkwheat flour
Slowly-cooked Lamb Shank£17.00
Served with minted gravy, buttered mashed potato & seasonal vegetables
Allergens * : glutenwheat flour
Home-cooked Mince & Potato Pie£15.00
Served with hand-cut chips, garden peas @ gravy
Allergens * : glutenmilksaltwheat flour
gluten free
Chicken tikka Masala£14.00
Chicken tikka Masala served with chip s &rice crisp salad
Gluten Free
Chicken in a sweet chilli sauce £15.00
Chicken stir fry in a sweet chilli sauce Served with chips . Rice crisp salad
Gluten Free
gammon steak £14.00
Gammon steak served with chips garden peas crisp salad
Gluten Free
Red pepper soup served with gluten free bread
Gluten Free
Side Dishes
Gluten Free
Apple Crumble£6
Served with custard or ice-cream
Allergens * : glutenmilkwheat flour
Chocolate Pudding£6
Served with custard or ice-cream
Allergens * : gluten
Sticky Toffee Pudding£6
Served with custard or ice-cream
Allergens * : gluten
Vanilla Ice-Cream£3
Allergens * : glutenmilksoya
Served with custard or Ice cream
Allergens * : glutenmilknutssoya
cartmel chocolate pudding £6
Allergens * : gluten
cartmel apple sticky toffee pudding £6
Allergens * : gluten
coffee and cake £6
Gluten Free
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The Railway Inn, 6 London Road, Lindal-in-Furness, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 0LL - Telephone 01229 462889

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